Schools Smash Rubik's World Record In Aid of Youth Homelessness

Schools Smash Rubik's World Record In Aid of Youth Homelessness

1,414 school-children today twisted their way into the Guinness World Record books by solving 80’s phenomenon, the Rubik’s Cube, at the SAME TIME in the SAME PLACE – within half an hour!

Fast-fingered, big hearted pupils from almost 100 schools across London and the South East of England raced to be a part of Guinness World Record history at The O2 Arena.  Not since the frenzy of this summer’s Olympics has the Arena witnessed such competitive spirit, such is the power of the famous cube!  The new record smashes that of the existing one of 937 cubes solved at the same time which was set in India earlier this year.

The Rubik's Challenge was organised by Depaul UK, the largest youth homelessness charity in the country.  It is hoped that the event will raise an amazing £100,000 through the support from schools and donations from the makers of the Cube.

‘I am so grateful for the overwhelming support from schools and children across the capital and all those who joined us to break the World Record to raise awareness of youth homelessness.’  said Martin Houghton-Brown, Chief Executive of Depaul UK. 

‘Rubik's Cube is a metaphor for solving the challenges of being without a safe place to call home and the Challenge was a brilliant way of engaging children with the issue of youth homelessness. It enabled us to help young people understand why young people become homeless and talk about the work Depaul UK does giving young homeless people the safety and stability they need to unscramble their lives’

Rubik’s provided all the cubes at cost and pledged up to £100,000 to the charity for successfully completing the world record attempt.  Specially designed Rubik’s Cubes were created for the event, with each customised cube face a graphic representation of the charity’s work: accommodation, family mediation, training and employment, community work, resettlement and volunteering. 

‘The pupils have been amazing’, said David Kremer of Rubik’s.  ‘The uptake from schools just shows how passionate young people are about helping one another while benefiting from the cube’s problem-solving prowess!  They all demonstrated their memory training – and we didn’t have to penalise anyone for peeling off stickers!’

Supporting the event were gold medal-winning paralympians Sophie Christiansen and Natasha Baker.  Sophie’s master degree in maths gave her a well-placed insight during the Maths Fest which ran alongside the record breaking cube-a-thon.  The Olympic stars were joined by ‘Stand Up Maths’ comic Matt Parker, Graffiti Live artists, street artists Maths Buskers, and Rubik’s Cube artist Karl Savage.  All demonstrated methods to make maths fun – perfect timing during a period of curriculum reforms which are calling for more demanding educational content.

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